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Lake Skiatook Project


W. Siloam Springs, OK Compared To Siloam Springs, AR
A clear example is shown above, of the difference natural gas can make for the economy of a rural area. Notice the difference shown in business development, between the right side of the photo and the left side.
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Safety Tips


What Is It?


What To Do If You Smell Gas

Detecting Outdoor Leaks
Underground pipelines transport natural gas. Interstate gas lines are clearly marked
with signs so that you know they're in the area.
Gas lines are constantly monitored and inspected. Leaks are rare, but it is best to be prepared.

If you smell gas outdoors 

  • Alert others and leave the area immediately        
  • Call Your Gas Utility Provider immediately with location of leak        
  • Call your local fire department, police department, or 911

Detecting Indoor Leaks

If you smell gas inside or suspect the presence of carbon monoxide

  • Don't turn on a light        
  • Don't switch on anything electrical        
  • Don't light a match        
  • Don't use your phone        
  • Alert others and leave immediately        
  • Call your Gas Utility Provider from your neighbor's house or another location. If you're
    in a situation where you don't have the number, call 911 and ask the operator to call us.        
  • Tell us where you are so you can let us in your house when we arrive
  • Do not return to the structure until:
  • The problem has been corrected        
  • A Gas Utility Provider representative has examined it        
  • The area has been declared safe        
  • You have been authorized to return


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